Jonathan P. Chapman

Information Security Researcher

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Please send your enquiries to JavaScript required to view email address using PGP key 6E92 FC30 67CF 1B27 317A 8BCE 1778 4390 8464 060F if possible.


Jonathan has been working on Information Security-related research projects since 2007, developing and evaluating innovative solutions for detecting and mitigating attacks. Outcomes of this work include a distributed network security sensor infrastructure, new medium and high interaction honeypots and security analysis' of complex control systems. He is currently working on machine learning approaches for detecting attempts to exfiltrate data from or infiltrate data or commands into protected networks.

Part of his exceptional performance is certainly the outcome of a long personal history of taking responsibility and assuming leadership. Jonathan teached his first Taekwondo class - a martial art in which he holds the second Dan or black belt degree from the olympic World Taekwondo Federation - before reaching adulthood and has served in the German Armed Forces in various positions. He maintains a passion for sports, teaches Taekwondo classes, runs regularly and takes classes for rowing and Systema. Jonathan finished the first Rhein-Ahr-Marsch, a 100km marsh that has to be completed in less than 24 hours, and the Dodentocht, the most renowned 100km in 24 hours march, nine times.

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